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Interior / fuzzy spot on 2017 rav4 headliner.
« Last post by honquang on July 19, 2017, 12:22:12 PM »
I made a mistake of rubbing too much on the headliner to remove a stain. now it has a fuzzy spot near the hood light. Do any one know where to get it repair in Greater Toronto Area.
Brake Systems / Help needed: replace rear brake shoe toyota corolla 2001
« Last post by Mark_2016 on May 10, 2016, 02:55:50 AM »

Can anybody help providing me the tutorial for replacing Rear Brake shoe on Toyota corolla 2001 . Thanks you
Transmission Problems / 5 speed trans
« Last post by Mark_2016 on May 10, 2016, 02:42:22 AM »

Is a 5 speed trans really that rare? Every time I ask for part replacement or any thing else for my 92 Camry se I get are you sure that's a 5 speed. duh been driving her for 6-7 years.
Transmission Problems / Need help with transmission.
« Last post by Mark_2016 on May 10, 2016, 02:39:32 AM »

what can be leaking internally on a transmission on a 1994 Toyota Camry V6 3000 four cam 24

When we leased our Corolla in August, 2009, we purchased the Toyota Extended warranty. It was explained to us that it was a bumper-to-bumper warranty that covered everything except wear & upkeep items, i.e. oil, tires, filters.

There is no booklet, no website, nothing to look at to see what's covered. I'm told I have to just take the car in for service and they'll "turn it in to the warranty company and see if it's covered".

Am I the only one who has this situation with a Toyota Extended Warranty? Without the warranty, I would not be taking my car to the dealer for most things because they are uber-expensive.

Does anyone else have the warranty? What's covered? Are diagnostic fees covered? Their dx fee is $80, and that's before they actually DO anything.
AC Auto Repair / 99 camry a/c light flashing
« Last post by Mark_2016 on May 10, 2016, 02:37:49 AM »

a/c light flashing.put in a new relay and it still flashes

Hi and thanks to one and all that read and respond to this post.

I am looking to purchase a 2014 Toyota Corolla LE at a dealership in the Toronto/York Region area. Does anyone have an idea what a good deal would be? Based on your experiences, is there one dealership over others you would give your business to? The 2014 Toyota Corolla LE has an MSRP of $ 19 500. Is anyone aware of what the actual dealership invoice would be on this vehicle?

Many thanks for your attention to the above.


i am new to the club, and my first Toyota. Working on finalizing a deal on a new 2014 Highlander Limited, and I'm wondering if any of you have experience and words of wisdom regarding my final decisions:

1) is the Toyota AWD as reliable as the rest of Toyota mechanicals? I've never had any type of 4 wheel drive system, but live in Minnesota and it is appealing. Just don't want a nightmare of maintenance or failures.

2) anybody have experience with either the undercoating option, or the 3M plastic paint protection film? I do my own maintenance when I can, and wonder if the undercoating covers SO completely you can't find nuts and such to do underbody repairs... Salt is the enemy here in MinneSnowda, so very appealing option... For the Paint Protection film, I like the idea, but wonder how it holds up over time, what do you do if it gets scratch through, or does it start to peel away like 'sunburned skin', etc?

Thanks!!! I'm looking forward to replacing one of my >250,000 miles vehicles that are not quite as dependable and taking too much time to keep on the road anymore..... but with four teenagers, can't afford to be "a car down" for very long!

Thanks very much!

Hi guys, I have this problem with replacing the 2 " green light bulbs " behind the AC/Heater unit in my Corolla 2003.

I know how to get to the unit behind the clock but I can't get behind the plastic piece holding the control to even stick my hand in there to get to bulbs. I keep taking it apart trying to figure this one out but I don't know.

There is this thick wire attached to the back of it controlling the rotators. I am just running out of ideas. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Is there a way to deattach that wire for easier access ?
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