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In children, drug dosing is based on calculations that factor in the childs age, height, and weight. Miscalculations and rounding errors can have potentially deadly consequences. Compared to adults, children have a lower tolerance for medication overdose, because their stilldeveloping bodies absorb, metabolize, and excrete drugs at different rates than adults. Children undergoing chemotherapy are at even greater risk, due to the combination of potent chemicals and dosing challenges.
Researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center studied 38 Hispanic youngsters, aged 10 to 18. Of those, 17 were lean and 21 were obese but had normal blood sugar levels, which means they had not yet developed diabetes.
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Peanuts in food products must be labeled according to FALCPA, in plain language on the package. Look for contains peanut on the label.
Further information here. We have no basis on which to assume that similar benefits are not regularly occurring within CAM, especially when a lot of people are telling us so. In fact, KA elsewhere is arguing the reverse, that while CAM may be offering placebo and other nonspecific medical benefits these can equally well occur within the 515 minute hurlyburly of the typical present day medical practice, I am sure they can, with good doctors, but I would love to be quite sure about the equally. Depending on the condition, and with as much reluctance and regret as anyone here, my money would be on the practitioner who is not hamstrung by what science says, and in consequence has a confident explanation for everything and never runs out of remedies. Sure, some of his clients may eventually realize that he is actually a nutcase, but even most of those will probably find ways in which they think he has helped them.
Mr. Smith is physically able to care for himself at home.