Author Topic: 2004 Celica GT - Intermittent electric door lock - driver's door  (Read 1280 times)


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I have a 2004 Toyota Celica GT that recently (within last two weeks) will not unlock the driver's door lock when I press the remote door/hatch unlock button. I am using a Viper remote installed about 5 years ago but all it does is incorporate into the standard Toyota door/hatch lock system. The rest of the locks will lock or unlock as they should however almost every time now I have to press lock then unlock a couple of times to get the driver's door to unlock. I removed the inside door trim and disconnected the cable (hard wire within rigid sheath) suspecting interference or maybe a need to lubricate however there is little resistance and using silicone spray did not resolve the issue. I suspect the electric lock motor / plunger may have a loose mechanical connection or it could be going bad. The car has never had many issues and I would like to resolve this one. Has anyone else had issues like this?


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