Author Topic: buying new Highlander; recommendations on AWD, undercoating?  (Read 851 times)


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i am new to the club, and my first Toyota. Working on finalizing a deal on a new 2014 Highlander Limited, and I'm wondering if any of you have experience and words of wisdom regarding my final decisions:

1) is the Toyota AWD as reliable as the rest of Toyota mechanicals? I've never had any type of 4 wheel drive system, but live in Minnesota and it is appealing. Just don't want a nightmare of maintenance or failures.

2) anybody have experience with either the undercoating option, or the 3M plastic paint protection film? I do my own maintenance when I can, and wonder if the undercoating covers SO completely you can't find nuts and such to do underbody repairs... Salt is the enemy here in MinneSnowda, so very appealing option... For the Paint Protection film, I like the idea, but wonder how it holds up over time, what do you do if it gets scratch through, or does it start to peel away like 'sunburned skin', etc?

Thanks!!! I'm looking forward to replacing one of my >250,000 miles vehicles that are not quite as dependable and taking too much time to keep on the road anymore..... but with four teenagers, can't afford to be "a car down" for very long!

Thanks very much!